The Secret Sisterhood of the Awesome Mothers

Mrs Lighty was once told that when you become a mother, you’re instantly initiated into this super cool club where lovely ladies bond together over the one thing they’ve instantly got in common: their little darlings. At the time, we were wading our way through the murky waters of infertility, and I remember thinking that… Continue reading The Secret Sisterhood of the Awesome Mothers

Time Flies

There once was a new mum called Mrs Lighty, who had no idea what she was doing and even less of an idea about how to feel about being a mum. Tired, hormonal, overwhelmed and anxious, this new mum would often think about the life she’d left behind her, a life whereby all she had… Continue reading Time Flies

Does the M25 Know?!

“She can be a cruel mistress, the M25, but today I’ve been lucky,” Nessa from Gavin and Stacey once said. And a cruel mistress she can be. I say this not as a driver – my driving is pretty much non-existent – but as a new mummy waiting impatiently patiently at home for Mr Lighty… Continue reading Does the M25 Know?!

How to Party like a Mum

The big 3-0, a rite of passage for anyone. A big 3-0 birthday party with a baby? A rite of passage for any new mother. I must admit that other than Sister in Law Lighty’s 30th birthday trip to Centerparcs, we haven’t been to a 30th birthday celebration for a while. Quite frankly, Mr and… Continue reading How to Party like a Mum

A Social Media Mummy: an Ode to my Facebook Friends and Others!

Every new mum needs a support network around them. Just as in days gone by, today’s network will often consist of parents, grandparents, friends and family alike. But nowadays there’s a new breed of mummy: the social media mummy! I’ve been struck over the past 7 weeks – and well before that, if I’m honest –… Continue reading A Social Media Mummy: an Ode to my Facebook Friends and Others!