Beaches and Birthdays

Does anyone else have weekends that are jam packed? Event upon event upon event? Well last weekend was one of those weekends for the Lightys. In fact, last Saturday was a big first for Baby Lighty: it was his first trip to the beach! Technically, he has had a couple of trips to the coast… Continue reading Beaches and Birthdays

How to Party like a Mum

The big 3-0, a rite of passage for anyone. A big 3-0 birthday party with a baby? A rite of passage for any new mother. I must admit that other than Sister in Law Lighty’s 30th birthday trip to Centerparcs, we haven’t been to a 30th birthday celebration for a while. Quite frankly, Mr and… Continue reading How to Party like a Mum

10 Things Every New Parent looks Forward to at Christmas

Christmas is a coming, and I’m sure there are many new mummies out there that have been looking forward to the myriad of things that  baby’s first Christmas brings. There are things that I’ve been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant not long before Christmas last year, and things that I’ve been… Continue reading 10 Things Every New Parent looks Forward to at Christmas

The Baby and the Birthdays

September and October have always been known as ‘the birthday season’ in the Lighty household. With 5 out of┬áthe 6 of us in one of our close friendship groups having birthdays between 16th September and 25th October, and both Mummy Hatchy and Mummy Lighty having birthdays at the end of October, it really is a… Continue reading The Baby and the Birthdays