“Don’t get Annoyed if you’ve put a Bunny on your Head!” and other ridiculous sentences I never thought I’d say!

It’s a funny business, this parenting malarkey, isn’t it? Quite literally both ‘funny haha’ and ‘funny peculiar’ at times. You find yourself doing and saying things that you never thought you’d have to do or say. I love talking to Baby Lighty, I love hearing him ‘talk’ back, especially now that he’s starting to repeat… Continue reading “Don’t get Annoyed if you’ve put a Bunny on your Head!” and other ridiculous sentences I never thought I’d say!

Baby Lighty, Week by Week

Something which Mrs Lighty really regrets is not taking regular bump photos whilst pregnant. Yes, I’ve got the odd bump photo here and there, as you’ve probably seen crop up on All Things Spliced, but nothing which really shows the progression of my pregnancy. So when Baby Lighty was born, something that I knew I… Continue reading Baby Lighty, Week by Week

Time Flies

There once was a new mum called Mrs Lighty, who had no idea what she was doing and even less of an idea about how to feel about being a mum. Tired, hormonal, overwhelmed and anxious, this new mum would often think about the life she’d left behind her, a life whereby all she had… Continue reading Time Flies

The Parenting Laws of Sod

There are very few things in life that are as uncertain as parenting. As a parent, you constantly find yourself second guessing – and often judging – yourself with every move. Should I really give Calpol for this ailment? Should I have given Calpol when I decided not to?! Have I over fed him today?… Continue reading The Parenting Laws of Sod

A Maternity Leave Well Spent

It’s with a heavy heart that I type this post. I really can’t believe that my maternity leave is coming to an end! It’s been fabulous having 9 months off with Baby Lighty – and a month off before that, when Mrs Lighty was the size of a starter home and could barely do more… Continue reading A Maternity Leave Well Spent

Let them be Little

As mums, we’ll all recognise that red book with those charts. One of the first things people ask after you’ve given birth is how much the baby weighed. Right from the off, even if only subconsciously, we’re forming a judgement on someone else’s weight. Even when I was pregnant, and Baby Lighty was just a… Continue reading Let them be Little

No Point Crying Over Spilt Formula Milk

Last weekend, Mr Lighty and I took Baby Lighty on a family day out to the National Trust properties Chartwell and Quebec House. We had a really lovely day, just the three of us, but it wasn’t without the odd mishap, as is the case with most things associated with new parenthood. To start with,… Continue reading No Point Crying Over Spilt Formula Milk

The Mummy Olympics

Is there a sport more competitive than parenting?! When I was pregnant, I assured myself that I wouldn’t get sucked into the game of comparing my little bundle of joy with other bundles of joy not of my making. But then, of course, we had the most beautifully perfect, brightest bundle of joy in the… Continue reading The Mummy Olympics

The Baby and the Bus

Of all the things to inspire me to start this blog in the first place, would you believe it started with the humble double decker bus? Let’s face it, us Brits love to hate our public transport, and a good old moan about the city’s infrastructure is never far from a Londoner’s lips. I am… Continue reading The Baby and the Bus

And Baby Makes Three….Where’s the Instruction Manual?!

6¬†weeks and¬†6 days ago, our lives, quite literally, changed overnight. My waters broke at 11pm and by 1pm the next afternoon, we were suddenly in possession of our very own baby boy. He was, and still is, gorgeous and perfect and the love of our lives! There was now only one thing missing from our… Continue reading And Baby Makes Three….Where’s the Instruction Manual?!