How to Survive Disneyland when Pregnant

I may have mentioned just once or twice that Mr and Mrs Lighty have a love for Disney. A few years ago, having recently been to Disney World, Florida, and shortly after, Disneyland, California, we were lucky enough to be annual pass holders for Disneyland Paris, meaning that we were able to visit four times… Continue reading How to Survive Disneyland when Pregnant

Due Dates

This time last year was a day that I’d been looking forward to for 40 weeks. A little over 9 months. In many respects, as our journey to have a baby wasn’t as simple as we may have liked, we’d been waiting for this date for longer than that even. You see, Tuesday 2nd June… Continue reading Due Dates

April Showers 

One of the joys of having a summer baby was the ability to be able to throw a spring baby shower. And exactly one year ago today, Mrs Lighty did just that. Now I know it’s not traditional to plan or host your own shower, but as regular readers will know, if there’s one thing… Continue reading April Showers 

Nursery Style

Most parents to be will tell you that decorating the nursery is one of the points during pregnancy when things start to feel very real. You’re dedicating a whole room in your house to a new little person, who will be moving in with you on that oh-so-scary day when you bring them home from… Continue reading Nursery Style

40 Weeks in, 40 Weeks out!

When Mr Lighty took a photo of a very pregnant Mrs Lighty on Baby Lighty’s due date, at 40 weeks pregnant, I was determined to remember to get a photo of Mrs Lighty and Baby Lighty once he reached 40 weeks old. And that day is now here! 40 weeks in, 40 weeks out…what’s the… Continue reading 40 Weeks in, 40 Weeks out!

The Lightys’ Low Papp A

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Mrs Lighty loved being newly pregnant. It was a time of such highs and such hope, culminating in seeing a perfect Baby Lighty on the monitor at the 12 week scan. But the first trimester was swiftly followed by the results of the first trimester blood… Continue reading The Lightys’ Low Papp A