Missing the Breastfeeding Gene?

I’ve had this post sitting in drafts for quite a while now. It’s been sitting in the ‘drafts’ section of Mrs Lighty’s brain for longer still. You see, it may be a little bit controversial: it’s about breastfeeding, or rather, my failed and hated attempt at it. I’ve found that breastfeeding is a very emotive… Continue reading Missing the Breastfeeding Gene?

8 Milky Bottles: Nimble Babies Review

There were 8 milky bottles, that had turned a shade of white; 8 milky bottles, that didn’t look quite right! So when Nimble Babies said, they could make them nice and bright; Mrs Lighty was keen, to see if they were right! Ok, ok, I know I should probably leave the rhyming to one of… Continue reading 8 Milky Bottles: Nimble Babies Review

Let them be Little

As mums, we’ll all recognise that red book with those charts. One of the first things people ask after you’ve given birth is how much the baby weighed. Right from the off, even if only subconsciously, we’re forming a judgement on someone else’s weight. Even when I was pregnant, and Baby Lighty was just a… Continue reading Let them be Little

The Weaning War

It sometimes feels like feeding is my Mummy nemesis. From a month-long failed breastfeeding attempt, to having to switch to reflux milk at six weeks old, plus plenty of comments from health professionals, friends, strangers and every other Tom, Dick and Harry about how little Baby Lighty weighs (“Yes he sits between the 2nd and… Continue reading The Weaning War

No Point Crying Over Spilt Formula Milk

Last weekend, Mr Lighty and I took Baby Lighty on a family day out to the National Trust properties Chartwell and Quebec House. We had a really lovely day, just the three of us, but it wasn’t without the odd mishap, as is the case with most things associated with new parenthood. To start with,… Continue reading No Point Crying Over Spilt Formula Milk

Food Glorious Food!

Ah feeding. Is this the hardest baby conundrum to crack?! Everyone I’ve spoken to, whether bottle or breastfeeding, has said how difficult it is. Every day in the Lighty household we seem to have a new challenge when it comes to feeding – and this is before we even get to the weaning stage!! We’re… Continue reading Food Glorious Food!