The Secret Sisterhood of the Awesome Mothers

Mrs Lighty was once told that when you become a mother, you’re instantly initiated into this super cool club where lovely ladies bond together over the one thing they’ve instantly got in common: their little darlings. At the time, we were wading our way through the murky waters of infertility, and I remember thinking that… Continue reading The Secret Sisterhood of the Awesome Mothers

Daddy Daycare

In the almost-a-year that Baby Lighty has been here, there’s only been a handful of times when he’s been looked after by anyone other than myself or our lovely childminder, including Mr Lighty. When Mr Lighty has looked after him, it’s normally been for just a couple of hours while I’ve been at WI or… Continue reading Daddy Daycare

Mama Mail: From Mamas with Love

I swear my 4 and a half month old is already going through the terrible twos. In the past week Baby Lighty’s little personality seems to have come on in leaps and bounds, and with it he seems to want to let the whole world know that he’s here. Which apparently means that he’s developed the full blown… Continue reading Mama Mail: From Mamas with Love

Carry on Carrying

Ever since I was pregnant, I’ve been into the idea of baby wearing. I loved the idea of having the little person that I’d been carrying in my tummy for 9 months being carried on my chest as I went about my daily tasks. The only trouble was, I didn’t really know anything about it.… Continue reading Carry on Carrying

No Point Crying Over Spilt Formula Milk

Last weekend, Mr Lighty and I took Baby Lighty on a family day out to the National Trust properties Chartwell and Quebec House. We had a really lovely day, just the three of us, but it wasn’t without the odd mishap, as is the case with most things associated with new parenthood. To start with,… Continue reading No Point Crying Over Spilt Formula Milk

The Mummy Olympics

Is there a sport more competitive than parenting?! When I was pregnant, I assured myself that I wouldn’t get sucked into the game of comparing my little bundle of joy with other bundles of joy not of my making. But then, of course, we had the most beautifully perfect, brightest bundle of joy in the… Continue reading The Mummy Olympics

A Social Media Mummy: an Ode to my Facebook Friends and Others!

Every new mum needs a support network around them. Just as in days gone by, today’s network will often consist of parents, grandparents, friends and family alike. But nowadays there’s a new breed of mummy: the social media mummy! I’ve been struck over the past 7 weeks – and well before that, if I’m honest –… Continue reading A Social Media Mummy: an Ode to my Facebook Friends and Others!