The Fakeiversary

Anniversaries are a funny thing in the Lighty household. I would say that, on the whole, Mr and Mrs Lighty are both fairly nostalgic creatures, yet we have differing opinions when it comes to a certain anniversary. I’m not talking about our wedding anniversary. No, definitely not talking about our wedding anniversary, as we’ve been… Continue reading The Fakeiversary

Beaches and Birthdays

Does anyone else have weekends that are jam packed? Event upon event upon event? Well last weekend was one of those weekends for the Lightys. In fact, last Saturday was a big first for Baby Lighty: it was his first trip to the beach! Technically, he has had a couple of trips to the coast… Continue reading Beaches and Birthdays

All Things SMASHED!

If you’ve been hanging around All Things Spliced of late, you may just have noticed that it has recently been a certain little baby’s first birthday. As part of Baby Lighty’s birthday celebrations, Mrs Lighty really wanted to have some professional photos taken to commemorate the occasion and to capture Baby Lighty as exactly that… Continue reading All Things SMASHED!

Baby Lighty, Week by Week

Something which Mrs Lighty really regrets is not taking regular bump photos whilst pregnant. Yes, I’ve got the odd bump photo here and there, as you’ve probably seen crop up on All Things Spliced, but nothing which really shows the progression of my pregnancy. So when Baby Lighty was born, something that I knew I… Continue reading Baby Lighty, Week by Week

Celebrating Our Little Boy Growing Up!

Before this post had even been written, it took a twist within its tale. When I imagined writing this post, I envisaged it to be a descriptive piece about how I made  beautiful (in my humble opinion, ha!) party invites, how I created a garden party to be proud of and how I went about… Continue reading Celebrating Our Little Boy Growing Up!

The Lightys’ Naming Day Script

As promised, here is the naming ceremony script we used. With very many thanks to the lovely mum that posted on for freely publishing hers and allowing others to borrow from it, as this really helped in forming the below. If it helps anyone else to form their own naming day script, then feel… Continue reading The Lightys’ Naming Day Script

You’re Only One Once…

Earlier on this week, we celebrated Baby Lighty’s first birthday, hurrah! I know that he won’t remember it as he gets older (although as an aside, Mrs Lighty’s earliest memory is from her first birthday party!) and I did wonder if we were going a big over the top with our celebratory plans, but it… Continue reading You’re Only One Once…

On your First Birthday, I want you to Know…

So the day is finally here, you’ve been here one whole year! Baby Lighty, you’ll never know how much Mr Lighty and I longed for you, fought to get you, how we loved you from the very minute we found out you were on your way. It has been a love that has multiplied millions… Continue reading On your First Birthday, I want you to Know…

April Showers 

One of the joys of having a summer baby was the ability to be able to throw a spring baby shower. And exactly one year ago today, Mrs Lighty did just that. Now I know it’s not traditional to plan or host your own shower, but as regular readers will know, if there’s one thing… Continue reading April Showers 

Why I’m So Pleased not to be in New York Five Lighty Years On

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, the late great John Lennon once said. It’s always been one of Mrs Lighty’s favourite sayings (and the fact that I heard it first uttered by the great influencer of our time, Carrie Bradshaw, has nothing to do with it at all!!). It sums up… Continue reading Why I’m So Pleased not to be in New York Five Lighty Years On